5 Ways to Know You’re Ready for Change

Change is inevitable. Everything changes over time, even diamond and stone. Even the very face of the Earth and universe. A lot of people are afraid of change. They’re too afraid to step out of the comfort zones and take that leap of faith that is the unknown that comes with things that are new.

A lot of the time, it’s really difficult to know when you’re ready for a change and your own fears may mask the fact that you are ready. Being ready isn’t so much about making the choice when it’s obvious, but paying attention to what’s going on in your life so that you may react accordingly.

1. Your life is imploding.

This is a hell of a sign that you’re ready for a change. Everything around you is going wrong. Things just don’t work anymore. You’re hitting walls all over the place. Your usual ideas and methodologies aren’t working.

2. You’ve reached your current goals.

What’s left? You’ve achieved your goals and now you’re coasting on your own coat tails. It’s time to pick a direction once more and go. You’re growing bored. Maybe everything feels superficial. Maybe you’re growing less trusting of the world around you. Maybe your goals didn’t give you the satisfaction you desired in their achievement.

3. You lack inspiration and passion.

The flame has gone out. You go through the motions of life without feeling it. It doesn’t excite you. What was once vibrant is now dull and gray. You’re not living life to the fullest. Or you’re ignoring your usual passions and they’re going unfulfilled.

Maybe it’s not that simple. Maybe you’re just constantly looking for inspiration. Maybe you haven’t realized you’ve lost yours.

4. You’ve fallen into bad habits.

These could be smoking, drinking more, leaving your dishes out or your dirty clothes tossed across your room and on the floor. You’re becoming self-destructive. This all has to do with everything above. You’re getting bored have no creative outlet for this energy you’d normally be getting out. You’re falling into addictions. You’re sleeping late. You’re letting your personal hygiene get away from you.

5. You find yourself thinking about your purpose a lot.

It can be a quiet thought that slips in between sips of tea or between the drops of rain hitting your window as the sun rises. Or it can come in hot and fast like a freight train, stopping for nothing. What is my purpose? We all ask ourselves this at some point. I know I have, for years, and I’ve got a vast array of stories and hobbies because of how often I’ve asked myself that. I’ve just been trying to find my purpose, chasing it down every path I might catch a glimpse of it on.

But now that you know you’re ready for a change, how do go about it? Firstly you need to listen to yourself, your heart. You need to figure out what you want to do from here. Do you want to climb the corporate ladder? Do you want to quite your day job and start blogging full time? Do you want to study martial arts or take archery lessons? Go down a YouTube rabbit hole, find what interests you. Pursue it. Listen to your heart. Pursue it.

Listen, I know all about change. I’ve changed my life almost countless times. I mean, I’m on address number 56, contemplating the 57th. For me, change isn’t an if, it’s a when, it’s a how. A lot of people don’t accept change quite as easily as I do. A lot of people are afraid of it. I’m not saying it’s not scary to change jobs, to walk away from a toxic relationship, to pack up and move across the country, etc. It’s terrifying, or at least it can be. Maybe it is time to pack a couple bags and travel. Or maybe it’s time to settle down. It all just comes down to who you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to be headed.

Most importantly, you need to walk away from what no longer serves you. Those old bad habits, that old lifestyle that will hinder you from accomplishing what you want. Let your energy shift from the old to new, from the past to present and future.

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