Being Comfortable With Your Decisions

Decision guilt can get the best of us. What is that exactly? Well, have you ever made a decision and then felt uneasy about it? Was a hard decision that you may have flip flopped on even after making it? I’m talking about those kinds of choices that after being made you pop open a bottle of wine and stare at your ceiling in existential dread for a few hours while the streetlights flicker in through your bedroom windows. The sort that has you binge-watching your old favorite shows because they’re comfortable and you’ve had enough with new things and decisions today.

The decisions that have been decided have been decided.

That’s it. They’ve been made. So dreading the outcome will cause you nothing but grief. Embrace it. Live in this moment as the outcome unfolds and accept it as it is. Accept all things as they are. You are creating your own life here. Take credit for it. Don’t regret the decisions that lead you to take hold of your own life. Apathy only leads to decay.

You can’t know what the future holds.

Yes, all of your actions have a ripple effect and influences everything around us, but you can only hope for a future. You can’t know a future until it arrives. Even if your decision was bad, you have presented yourself with an opportunity to learn, to grow.

Learning and growing is a staple of human development and of personal development. If you simply regret a situation and you don’t allow yourself the space to grow in the soil that you have toiled, then you’re wasting your own time.

Try to think of the positives.

The silver lining. Even in bad decisions there is usually something you can find that is positive. Or find a way to replace the decision. Find a way to work it back to a positive. Regret of it will only hold you back from doing so. Rectify your bad decisions. Apologize. Rebuild.


Meditation is a powerful thing. Clearing your mind and freeing your conscience can have profound effects, not just in the moment, but on your body’s health and your overall well-being. It can also help you in every day decisions, in letting go of the past, and in overcoming regret.

Own it.

In the end, this decision you’ve made that you regret, that you feel guilt over, was yours and yours alone, even if you were influenced by someone other than yourself. It’s your duty to own it. Stop asking permission. Stop obsessing over acceptance. You’re an adult. You’re no longer a child seeking permission to do something from your parents. Act like it. Are you a victim or a survivor? Be willing to grow.

Own it.

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