Live Intentionally in 2019

I think that, what it is for me at least, life should be about what is important. You should live your life always striving to uplift those areas of your life that give you the most value, whether you call those areas your purpose, passion, or simply what makes you feel the best. Siddhartha Gotama told us that life is suffering and that’s true, it is. Look around you, look at the chaos, the dismay, the disease, the death. We all die one day. That’s an inevitable. Instead of fearing this mortality we should embrace it by living our life to the fullest we can conceive and the fullest we can achieve. 

Life may be full of suffering but you only suffer what you allow to bring you pain. If we focus ourselves on that which brings us joy, that which brings us bliss and happiness, then the suffering of life can’t touch us as much. My joy is in writing, in creating content for you to view and read. My joy is in the plants I grow and shape, in the martial arts I study. My joy is in photography and videography. Everything else in my life is there to promote that. I make sure that everything in my life doesn’t go against that, at least. 

I work a job online from home where I can set my own hours and I work just as much as I need to so that I have more time to spend with my loved ones and more time on my passions. That’s more time writing blogs like this or playing with my dog Zeke. That’s time I wouldn’t have if I didn’t make my own happiness important to me. 

You don’t have to constantly bleed to achieve your dreams. I’m suffering an injury at the moment, writing this some 14 hours after a blog post was supposed to go live, per my usual schedule of 6am posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Because of my injury being what it was, I found it difficult to get up, or to even sit at my desk and write. So I made the decision that this time my blog can wait. 

I don’t need to suffer so that I can follow my dreams, either. Had I sat down and wrote last night when I could barely move I would have been in a lot of pain, a lot more pain than I’m in currently, and it would have made matters worse. Sure, I would’ve gotten the blog out, but today would have been even worse than it was had I done so. 

Instead of writing last night, I went to sleep. I rested. Instead of writing earlier today I laid in bed in the most comfortable way I could, surrounded by pillows and comfortors, plus some cuddles from Zeke, and I watched hours of YouTube. I watched those that inspire me. I watched the content creators that are doing what I want to do and I took what they said to heart. I rested but I also took that opportunity to learn. To meditate on what I was learning and to really digest the ideas they were giving me. 

I forced myself to slow down and look in the mirror and that’s exactly what I want you to do. I want you to look at your life. Open up a notebook, grab a pen, and write out your ideal day. When do you wake up? What do you do throughout the day? What do you eat? What do you accomplish before going to bed? Now think about the things you need to do to get to that perfect day. Rip that paper out and post it on a corkboard or your refrigerator, somewhere you’ll see it every day so that you can slowly refine your life to living the life you dream of. 

Stop doing the things that aren’t a part of your perfect day. Start building the habits that lead to it. 

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